Glitters 2020

New Finest italian fabrics

Comfort and luxury

We believe in traditionalcraftsmanship.

Our italian fabrics are made with the finest materials from Venezia. They are water resistant and extra soft for a comfortable experience.


Our story

Sustainable Leathers. Italian Style.

Our materials come from Italy. They have no chromium and are eco responsible. We use no painful chemical substances for your skin and our production is 100% italian.


Enjoy our benefits

Enjoy the finest

Xo 1 Iconic Ballerina


Best Seller for 40 years, XO 1 is the famous ballerina 1 cm heel. Matches with all looks and morphologies.

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Space Baskets

Running shape with sparkling italian glitter. Feel high, light & comfortable all day long.

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Fit 8 Pumps


4 seasons 8 cm heel, comfortable and smooth. Fit 8 is the easiest shape for all day pumps lovers.

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