This way of producing ballerina gives woman such an elegant gait. Unfortunately, Marcello died in 2010, spending his 10 last years fighting against a hard disease. His daughter took over the brand’s management. Ema K. definitely found her way then, letting her passion for the shoes getting bigger and bigger.

Based in Geneva and Venezia, Ema K. designs different lines and the famous XO BALLERINA, Best Seller for 40 years is the most weared all over the world. She makes collaborations with movie makers, private collections, Taylor Made… nothing can stops Ema K. when she starts to create. Very liked for her positive energy and her social skills, Ema K. is first of all a hard worker, passioned by her brand and italian way of producing luxury shoes.

She transmitted her know-how to her daughter Emanuela Krusi during the past years and they still work together. Her passion and positive energy has no limit. People working with Claudine know that her strong character makes her always find a solution for « what is not possible ». Therefore, her motto is « I have done it because I didn’t know it was impossible ».